Effective solutions to eradicate ants. Ants present a health risk and can damage and contaminate stored foods.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a notoriously complex problem to deal with and professional solutions are essential for the safe and efficient removal of these pests.

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Birds & Pigeons

Pigeons and birds can cause damage, spread parasites and be a nuisance, we provide effective solutions to control, deter and eradicate problem birds.

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Cockroaches are known disease carriers that breed rapidly making professional treatment essential.

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Fast effective solutions for flea infestations.

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Mice in your home or business can be very distressing. Avoid risks of disease and damage to your property.

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Mosquitoes are unpleasant and troublesome, they emit a high-pitched buzzing sound and can be a health hazard.

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The vast majority of moths in the UK are harmless but they can cause considerable damage to natural textiles including carpets and clothes.

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Rats pose a serious pest problem for homes, businesses and commercial properties. They are also a major health hazard and can cause damage to properties.

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UK spiders are mostly harmless but their presence can still be distressing and stressful.

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Wasps are a serious pest, they can be very dangerous if provoked and will defend their nest ferociously.

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What Our Customers Have to Say…..

Just some of our recent reviews

From start to finish, Urgent Pest Control have been absolutely incredible. We had initially called the council in to fix a small squirrel problem, but it wasn’t until after the council’s two visits, where they laid plain wheat in the loft, helping to provide an easy food source and exacerbating the problem, then later returning to pop their head up and proclaim there didnt seem to be activity, that we decided to seek alternative help.

Gino quickly identified the issue, placed effective bait and was on hand whenever we had a concern, revisiting to add additional methods of solving the issue, which was much, much larger than at the time the council had been called. I honestly wish we’d gone with these guys from the start as we would have saved weeks of disturbed nights, stress and worry.

Every interaction with Gino has been a positive one with pricing reasonable and full explanations given. He truly is one of the nicest people we’ve ever had in our home and exudes confidence. In short, once we met him, we knew he was going to do a great job and he certainly has.

Thank you Urgent Pest Control. Gino, you really are a brilliant guy!

Jason K

I recently had the pleasure of hiring Urgent Pest Control that provided outstanding service from start to finish. Not only did they respond promptly to my urgent request, but they also managed to identify the source of the pest problem and eliminate it within the same day. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience, and I am thrilled to share my positive review. 100% recommended.


Really impressed with Gino and his amazing service. I called him in the morning and he came out to us on the same day, despite their being torrential rainfall. He was able to identify and resolve the situation immediately. He is very knowledgeable and genuinely cares about resolving pest related issues. So glad I called Gino as he put me at ease straightaway and is a very polite and friendly gentleman. Would 100% call him again and highly recommend him to all.
Thank you Gino.

Mariyam S

Absolutely unbelievable service…. Hundreds of ants… I’d tried everything from natural to chemical (over the counter) but had no impact. My daughters were refusing to go into the kitchen… called and got an appointment that afternoon… not seen an ant since …. Very professional service and very very good price. Not only a solution to now but also given preventative measures for going forward. Would definitely recommend.

Sally R

1st class service! I contacted at 8am this morning, arrived by 4pm and job completed within the hour. Super friendly, professional and a genuinely lovely person. Cleared away remnants of dead wasps and treatment residue out of consideration of my dog which was greatly appreciated. Price was very reasonable for the level of service received, will be recommending to any family/friends needing any type of pest control. Thank you so so much, I can finally shower in peace and leave my dog safely at home.


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